Thursday, October 01, 2015

Cumbria police crackdown on mobile phone use while driving

Last night in Whitehaven the missing Boa Constrictor, Mufasa, was found: meanwhile Cumbria Police have been running "Operation Anaconda."

This is a crackdown on people who break the law by using electronic devices, such as mobile phones, while driving.

The crackdown is not just on phones: one driver was stopped because he had a satnav in his hand.

Large numbers of drivers have been stopped. Depending on previous convictions and the severity of the offence, some will simply be prosecuted, others will be sent a letter offering the choice between up to three options which may include

1) An educational course, costing £85, in exchange for no points on their licence, or
2) Three points and a £100 fine or
3) A court appearance.

PC Jack Stabler told the News and Star that he and a colleague handed out 25 tickets over three days on Carlisle’s London Road and Warwick Road alone. He added the problem was worst at rush hour.

“Generally people are not even aware they are committing an offence,” he said, eyes fixed on Wigton Road watching drivers.

“People become so reliant on their phones for everything. It’s part of their life and you pull them over and they forget they’ve just been looking at it while driving.

“You have to remind them what they’ve done."


Jim said...

Im often quite surprised at the amount of people who use phones when driving, its an odd one in that both of our cars have a built in Hands free device, so you pair the phone to each car and the car regognises it. works on bluetooth.

But the thing is (well at least mine, not SWMBOs) is an old car (2006), so its a common feature.

Mind you I do get concerned about extending this to other things, it leads to "and one driver was stopped because they were eating a smartie"

Chris Whiteside said...