Thursday, October 01, 2015

Quote of the day 1st October 2015

"Sympathy for the victims of imperialism is a noble sentiment. But I am puzzled that Labour’s new leader feels this so keenly when Asia, Africa and Latin America are concerned, but seems so unaware of the past, present and future of imperialism on the European continent."

"This is not just a historical injustice; the Kremlin continues to menace its former victims – countries which it should treat with especial sensitivity and respect. It has invaded Ukraine and Georgia, seizing territory and creating puppet states. It wages economic warfare against neighbouring countries, and runs a venomous propaganda campaign portraying them as failed, fascist and friendless."

"Jeremy Corbyn says nothing about this. Instead he blames us for trying to defend ourselves. Our countries were not, as he seems to believe, forced or lured into Nato as part of an American global power grab. We were pounding on the door of the alliance, demanding to be let in, because we feared that Russia might one day become what it is now: a threat."

"I invite Mr Corbyn to visit my country, to see the progress we have made since recovering our sovereignty after the fall of the evil empire, and the threats that we face from its successor."

(Lithuanian ambassador Asta Skaisgirytė - extracts from a Letter to The Guardian responding to comments from Jeremy Corbyn)

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