Monday, April 04, 2016

Eliot Ness writes: "Sturgeon’s Scotland – A Damning Indictment"

Interesting blogpost at Wordpress by Eliot Ness called Sturgeon's Scotland - a damning indictment."

Ness points to the irony of the Nicola Sturgeon vilifying not just the Conservative party "but, by extension, its members and those who vote for it. It is state sponsored prejudice against a group of people who happen to hold a different (sometimes not that different) political point of view from her."

when, as the article also also points out, many of the issues involved are from more than 25 years ago and some of the SNP's present policies are to the right of the Conservatives.

Eliot Ness writes:

"Who cares if her own family benefited from those damn ‘Tory!’ policies by owning their own home? ‘Tories!‘ are there to be vilified-end of.

There is far more irony than this however. It is worth examining the SNP’s record with the Tories past and present and indeed, their stance on Tory policies themselves. Sturgeon’s SNP assisted in bringing Margaret Thatcher into power, they have relied on Tory support when they didn’t have a majority government in Scotland and now, despite the extensive new powers at Holyrood, find themselves by and large implementing Tory economic policies. If anything, Sturgeon’s government are further to the right than the Conservatives in some areas."

Very much worth a read if you are interested in Scottish politics.

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