Thursday, June 02, 2016

Aaronovitch on Corbyn, continued

Today's quote of the day came from an article by David Aaronovitch in The Times and I have now read the whole thing.

The title is "Yikes! I might have to vote for the Tories."

David Aaronovitch is a former Communist president of the National Union of Students at the time I was an undergraduate. He has come to the conclusion that if Jeremy Corbyn is still leader of the Labour party at the time of the next election he will probably have to vote for whoever is based placed to stop him becoming PM - even if that is the Conservatives.

The section which I used as today's "Quote of the day" is part of the introduction, defining a "Jeremyad" as a comment which inadvertently reveals an unfortunate truth which everyone but the person speaking, who meant to say the opposite, can see.

The conclusion of the article is as follows.

"The best Labour MPs are to my mind the best MPs of any party. I want what they want. yet in so far as any of them might contribute to a majority for Mr Corbyn or Mr McDonnell or anyone remotely similar I would vote against them. Even if it was for a Tory.  And right now I can imagine an angry young Corbynista reading this column by mistake and hissing

'What a betrayal of Labour and its values!'

That too would be a Jeremyad."

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