Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Would vote leave's plans, as described, actually increase the number of immigrants?

Despite coming from the Indy, this is not a QTWTAIN.

An article in "Independent Voices" suggests that Vote Leave plans would significantly increase the number of immigrants.

I somehow doubt if that is what the promoters of the idea had in mind, but as Gisela Stuart described the Vote Leave plans, the arguments in the article that they could actually increase net immigration into Britain appear reasonable. You would have to combine a quota with the points system to get the numbers down.

This only goes to show how difficult getting immigration policy right is, and will remain whether we are in or out of the EU.

I am still listening to what both sides have to say on this issue, but simplistic slogans will not cut it.


Jim said...

Sorry Chris, but if Flexcit did not spell it out to you, I guess nothing will.

Enjoy listening, but I don't think you will hear much.

Chris Whiteside said...

Don't quite see why you put it that way, Jim, both you and I recognise that under Flexcit it is unlikely that the UK would be able to change its' immigration policy, at least in the short run.

Vote Leave have, sadly, not adopted Flexcit and therefore are free to speculate about changing immigration policy - but are open to all sorts of criticism which would not be valid against a group which, like the Leave Alliance, actually have something resembling a rational plan.

Chris Whiteside said...

Mind you, if after your words "I don't think you will hear much" you are inferring the unspoken suffix "which makes any sense" you are, sadly, very likely to be absolutely right.

Jim said...

Yes, it is another badly worded comment really. Let me try and explain what i meant by it.

"Sorry Chris, but if Flexcit did not spell it out to you, I guess nothing will"

What i am getting at here is not so much that its a complex issue, that much is clear, its more insinuating that Flexcit points out that its a complex issue that does not have simple easy answers, but that is not what the main stream campaign want to hear, so they brush it under the carpet and pretend flexcit does not exist.

Its not so much what Flexcit does or does not say, I was referring more towards the Main steam campaigns and the dead tree press treatment of flexcit. Which will show you that the campaigns do not want to have a debate on the issue.

That is why i say "Enjoy listening, but I don't think you will hear much." In other words, you are listening to what the main steam campaigns have to say, but if its a sensible debate on the matter of immigration you came to listen to, unfortunately you are not going to hear one.

Jim said...

Kind of in the same vein as you may see a person who has bought a ticket to lords to watch a rugby match,

"Erm, sorry, but you are not going to see a rugby match here, you have bought a ticket to the wrong place"

Chris Whiteside said...

Yes, I regret to say you are probably right.

Interestingly the mainstream press has in the past 48 hours started to pick up some of the strengths of Flexcit style options.

It will be interesting to see whether they catch on, and how fast, to the fact that this does not sit well with what Vote Leave has been saying about immigration.