Monday, August 01, 2016

Which party could do this?

What sort of national political party could be put in the position of having to hold a vetting panel to decide whether the front-runner in their leadership is eligible to stand, or banned from standing for letting his membership lapse for a few months. ("More cock-up than conspiracy" according to a rival.)

And what sort of party could also be in a position that they also have to rule on whether the same front runner's nomination should be accepted after he allegedly appeared to miss the deadline? (supposedly he sent in his nomination papers and deposit electronically 25 minutes before the 12 noon deadline but the computer did not process them until 12.17 pm.)

Yes, it's UKIP.

I would have thought nobody could top the cringe-worthy embarrassment of Labour's leadership election, perfectly summed up at the Angela Eagle launch when she stood between two panels which were supposed to display her signature but looked like "Argh!"

It was a tough challenge but the kippers have managed it.

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