Sunday, January 01, 2017

Labour activist calls on Greens to step aside for Labour in Copeland

The North West Evening Mail reports here that a Labour activist, Chris Mears, has written an open letter calling on the Green party not to put up a candidate in the Copeland by-election and back Labour instead.

You can read his letter here on Facebook.

Mears argues that Labour and the Greens have a lot in common and that a victory for Labour in Copeland will reinforce the position of pro-Green Jeremy Corbyn.

Of course, the 25% of the Copeland workforce employed in the civil nuclear industry, and all the other people who would be affected if the anti-nuclear policies of Jeremy Corbyn were adopted with  devastating consequences for the economy of Copeland, might see Mr Mears' arguments as providing a very good reason NOT to vote Labour ...

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