Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Music to relax after campaigning: Gloria Gaynor's I will survive

Another of my favourite modern hits ...


Jim said...

To be honest with you, the only threat to your party was ever going to be the labour party, and they are defunct at the momenet

so just maybe, this one is better for you just now

yes, yes, never taken for granted, but still its true ATM to be honest.

Jim said...

think the first verse sums up your current battle.

the second one sums up 1997 -2010 quite well

and the third is harrogate.

Chris Whiteside said...

Thanks for the link. A great song but a bit sad. Apologies if I'm being a bit slow, I don't quite see the link to the election.

Jim said...

I see lots of them in there. I guess music, much like poetry and stories can mean different things at different time to different people.

One such thing i see is the death of the Labour Party, whilst I hardly ever agreed with them there is no denying they were a great party. I see it as a real shame the labour party has fallen so far. we see plane crash interviews, and though the polls are showing the conservatives have a massive lead, I think the lead is actually larger than the polls reflect (objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are)