Monday, October 09, 2017

Quote of the day 9th October 2017


Jim said...

But that is exactly what successive uk governments have created, the man or woman with everything and nothing to lose.

governments have created a culture where by people are dependent on the state, and done so deliberately. Delapaded education to the point a person that I went to asda tonight and bought a pork joint for £4.83. I paid with a £10 note, the till operators screen wasnt working so asked me to spin mine so he could see how much change to give me.

I mean come on

Chris Whiteside said...


We need to give everyone a genuine opportunity to earn a stake in society.

That does not have to mean something for nothing in either direction: we most value what we have worked to get, we must not create the situation where people are expected to work all the hours God sends and get nothing for it.