Thursday, October 01, 2020

Taking the tough decisions

Yesterday at Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs), the Prime Minister set out how this People’s Government is taking the tough decisions that will move this country forward so we can build back better, with a new lifetime skills guarantee, and huge investments in our NHS, in our policing, and in affordable housing.

  • As Britain recover from coronavirus, we see this as a moment for the nation to come together so we can transform our country fundamentally and permanently for the better – and we are determined to seize this opportunity. 
  • Meanwhile Labour are more interested in sniping from the sidelines, with their Shadow Education Secretary saying coronavirus was a ‘good crisis’ that they intend to exploit, showing that Labour are more interested in playing politics than working in the national interest. 
  • The Conservatives were elected to unite and level up, delivering lasting change in parts of the country forgotten by successive governments. Now more than ever, we must harness the extraordinary national spirit we have seen in recent months so that we can build back better.

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