Fairer ways for vulnerable victims to give evidence

Yesterday the government announced that thousands of vulnerable victims will be able to avoid courtroom cross-examination by pre-recording their cross-examination, in a move designed to help more victims achieve justice.   

  • Live trial settings can often be very traumatic for victims of crimes including rape and sexual assault – we must do more to support them and ensure they have their voices heard.  
  • That is why the government has made it possible for vulnerable victims to pre-record their cross-examination ahead of trial in every Crown Court in England and Wales. From today, we have increased fees for lawyers taking evidence in this way – and new estimates predict potential tripling in use of video technology, with up to 4,600 victims able pre-record their cross-examination. 
  • The government has have overhauled support for victims of rape and sexual assault, and the expansion of this scheme will ensure more of them have their voices heard and deliver justice for thousands of vulnerable victims. 


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