Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze

Now out - a compilation of articles detailing a hundred instances of corrupt, anti-democratic, or inappropriate behaviour by Labour politicians. This was written by internet bloggers, organised by the founder of Politico's bookshop, Iain Dale, with "Guido Fawkes" one of the best of the iconoclastic internet commentators on current British politics.

I must "declare an interest" in this book (that expression is the code which councillors and MPs are supposed to use when admitting to not being impartial about something), as I wrote one of the articles myself. Nonetheless I strongly recommend it. If there is anyone left in Britain who believes that Tony Blair has kept his promise that his government would be "whiter than white" then The Little Red Book is a good antidote.

An advert can be seen on the internet at

The Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze

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Ellee Seymour said...

I look forward to reading your contribution, I wrote something too, put together at the very last minute. I think this book is an amazing achievement, it's incredible how it was put together at such short notice by political bloggers. I hope our copy arrives soon.