Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Madrid 2004: London 2005: Bombay 2006.

For the third time in three years a bunch of evil, sick and deluded extremists have murdered large numbers of innocent people, regardless of age, gender, colour or creed, by planting a wave of bombs on commuter trains.

Nobody has claimed responsibility and as yet there is no proof of who is behind the barbaric murders of at least 183 people yesterday on trains around Bombay. The Indian security services suspect that the bombs may have been an attempt to derail peace talks with Kashmiri separatists.

If the bombs were intended to worsen relations between India and Pakistan, it appears likely that they will fail: President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has strongly condemned the latest attacks, and a statement released by the Pakistani foreign ministry called them a "despicable act of terrorism."

"Terrorism is the bane of our times and it must be condemned, rejected and countered effectively and comprehensively," the statement said. In my opinion anyone who disagrees with that statement needs psychiatric help.

I have huge issues with Tony Blair’s government over many things, and regard the ghastly mishandling of our invasion of Iraq as a terrible failure. However, these attacks in Bombay demonstrate that one criticism of him does not stand up. Since India did not participate in the invasion of Iraq, we can hardly blame their government’s Iraq policy for yesterday’s train bombs. Just as the responsibility for yesterday’s atrocities is with those who planned and executed the bombings, so the responsibility for the 7 July bombs in London is with the suicide bombers and those who incited them or assisted them to carry out these evil and murderous attacks.

Last week, acts of remembrance in London and the rest of Britain demonstrated that terrorism will never break the spirit of the British people and will do nothing but harm to the goals which the bombers thought they were supporting but actually defiled.

The Indian people are a great people and I am certain that they too will prove stronger than the terrorists.

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