Friday, January 18, 2008

You couldn’t make it up

It has been reported that "more than 70,000 police support staff in England and Wales, including 11,500 community support officers (PCSOs), have accepted a 2.5% pay deal.

The pay rise will be backdated to September, in contrast to that offered to regular police officers.”

(Source: BBC, repeated on "Political Betting")

The arrangements to determine the pay of this group of police support staff are quite different from those of police officers.

The pay of police support staff is recommended by the Police Staff Council directly to the local police authorities amd chief constables. By contrast the Police Negotiating Board makes a recommendation on pay awards for police officers to the Home Secretary.

Nevertheless, to have such blatantly different treatment of their support staff is going to have dire consequences for the morale of police officers, and is not going to make it any easier to achieve a resolution of their disagreements with the government over pay.

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