Wednesday, April 23, 2008

European bodies infuriate both English and Scots patriots ...

It is ironic that on St George's day, European institutions have managed to annoy both English and Scots patriots.

The European Union is proposing to set up European "transnational regions" which link various areas of England and the UK with parts of other countries on the other side of the English Channel or North sea rather than the rest of our own country. Rightly or wrongly this has been seen as an attempt to wipe England off the map by breaking the country up between three regions which also incorporate parts of other nations

I'm not completely convinced that this was the intention - after all, the French are hardly going to go along with the break-up of France, which would also be implied by the proposals if you were to suggest that the transnational regions were to replace existing countries.

However, it is beyond dispute that this is another PR disaster for the EU and it is extremely likely that these "transnational regions" will be yet another bureaucratic talking shop the cost of which will outweigh any good they do.

And on the same day, Scots have been infuriated to learn that EU Health and safety noise limits have been imposed which means that bands who play the bagpipes are potentially illegal unless the musicians wear earplugs.

What an utter lack of common sense.

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