Saturday, November 15, 2008

Report back from Copeland Council O&S Management Committee

I attended the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee of Copeland Council yesterday.

Mostly an admin type meeting dealing with the sort of issues which councillors have to address but which tend to send most other people to sleep. However, one or two issues which do have an effect on people in the real world did come up. Issues discussed included

* How Copeland can feed views into the consultation by Cumbria CC about traffic in
the centre of Whitehaven - prevailing view was that we may want to discuss this
at an Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

It was noted that a lot of people may think that becase the consultation is
described as being about Whitehaven Town centre it won't affect residents of
less central areas of the town or other parts of Whitehaven. However, in practice
it will affect a lot of other people. Those who shop in the town for example.

* Questions asked about whether there will be free parking over Christmas. See
forthcoming post.

* Some early discussion about the process for setting next year's budget and
council tax. There may have to be some difficult decisions on this.

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