Monday, August 03, 2009

West Cumberland Hospital Meeting

A few weeks ago, the Save Our Services group, a community campaign which includes people of all political parties and none, requested a meeting with the North Cumbria Acute Services Hospital Trust and local consultants and staff representatives to discuss progress on the new hospital and a number of concerns and issues which had been raised by senior and junior staff at West Cumberland Hospital.

The meeting was duly called for Friday 24th July. The same individual who had originally requested the meeting on behalf of Save Our Services, also invited me to attend in my capacity as one of the two Copeland councillors (one from each major party) who are part of the Save Our Services group.

In the event, when I turned up at the meeting to which I had been invited, I ws turned away in front of the press, who were naturally extremely interested to know what on earth had happened.

I have heard from those who were allowed to be present that it was a very constructive and useful meeting. A report is given on my hospitals campaign blog - see link at right.

If I were to write my reactions to being turned away from the meeting it might sound like sour grapes, but you can read what the Whitehaven News thought about it here.

Let's just say that I hope we can go back to working together for local hospitals, because the West Cumberland and indeed our other local health services are too important to be dragged into the worst kind of partisan politics.

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