Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latest ICM Poll

Hat tip to Political Betting for the details of the latest ICM poll in the Guardian

CON 43% (+2)
LAB 26% (+1)
LD 19% (nc)

The “others” total drops to 12%

The 17% Tory lead is the second highest ever in the Guardian series of polls which began in 1984. Less than half those who told ICM that they voted Labour in 2005 plan to do so again. This compares with the situation in the ICM/Guardian poll in September 1996 of a 15% lead for Labour - in other words this poll has put David Cameron further ahead than Tony Blair was according to a poll by the same organisation at the equivalent stage of the 1992-97 parliament.

Nobody should take the result of the next election for granted, however. No election is won until the returning officer declares the result.

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