Calder Avenue closed, Foxhouses Road two-way

The recent snows did massive damage to road surfaces throughout Cumbria, and CAlder Avenue in Whitehaven, down which the normal one-way system forces all traffic into the town centre from large areas of Harbour ward and Mirehouse, was one of a number of roads in various parts of Copeland which were very badly affected. With over a hundred large potholes, some sections of the road were so badly cratered that they looked like a lunar landscape.

County highways are doing something about this: they filled the holes on a temporary basis a few days after the snow melted, and are now putting in a more permanent repair. The catch is that this has required the closure of Calder Avenue: at the time of writing the Northern end of Calder Avenue, by the junction with Station Road, is closed and with it the sole route into the town centre normally available to many residents.

To avoid forcing people to take a detour of several miles, the one-way restrictions have been temporarily relaxed on the northern section of Foxhouses Road.

Please therefore take care if driving in Whitehaven, that if you are heading south on Foxhouses road you may find traffic coming in the opposite direction (which would not normally be the case) and if you are driving in either direction on Inkerman Terrace, watch out for traffic which may be trying to turn out of Foxhouses Road.


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