Why you should vote "No" to AV

David Cameron writes:

"With less than three weeks to go until the AV referendum, we need to do everything we can to convince people to go to the polling stations and vote 'No' on May 5th.

I've been on the campaign trail the last few days, and it's been great to meet voters from right across the political spectrum supporting our campaign.

But it's clear that lots of people still haven't made up their minds - so we've got to keep on working to get the message out there that AV is an unfair, expensive and discredited system.

This is not just about how we vote in General Elections. It's about how politics works, how governments are formed and ultimately, how our country is run.


AV is unfair: With our current system, everyone gets one vote. But under AV, supporters of extreme parties like the BNP would be more likely to get their votes counted more times, meaning their votes are worth more than yours.

AV is unclear: Under AV, the candidate who finishes third can be declared the winner thanks to an unclear, complicated voting process. It's like someone coming third in a running race winning the gold medal.

AV is unpopular: Just three countries in the world - Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Australia - use AV, compared to almost half the world's electors who use our current system. In Australia, six out of ten people want to get rid of it.

AV is expensive: Calculating the results is a long, complicated process, which could cost the taxpayer millions.


One way you can help is to join our No to AV Group today. Over a thousand people have already signed up, and they're helping to shape our campaign, giving us vital feedback and getting exclusive previews of all ad campaigns.

It's a great initiative and a great way to help make sure Britain votes 'No' on May 5th.

Yours sincerely,


Jim said…
If i remember correctly, the only manifesto that promised a referendum on AV at the 2010 election was that of Gordon and his Labour Party.

so with a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition, I cant decide if this referendum is ironic or moronic.

Now, Dave, about what you promised in your manifesto, the one that tempted me to join the conservative party, you know that one.......................
Jim said…
Repot what i also remember

The Conservative campaign to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty is now over, David Cameron declared today.

Confirming a complete U-turn on his "cast iron guarantee" that a Tory government would hold a public vote on the controversial treaty, the party chief said the Czech Republic's decision to ratify the agreement meant he could "no more hold a referendum on the treaty than ... a referendum on the sun rising in the morning."

but thats the point Dave, you dont have the power, its been given away,
so can we have a referendum on our membership now please, Or would you rather go on playing your "Panem et circenses" game?

Honestly, its making me wonder, I as well as most of the British public, are tired of being lied to, tired of being betrayed and most of all we are tired of the EU.

Give us the referendum you promised us, because, like Madame Defarge, I can knit

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