Scots Independence: call the referendum next year

The Scottish Nationalist Party, which is committed to holding a referendum on Independence for Scotland now has a majority in the Scots parliament.

If - or rather when - they ask for that referendum, it would be entirely unreasonable for the UK government to refuse.

But, speaking as someone who hopes to see a "No" I see no good reason to wait for them to formally ask.

If that referendum is hanging over the future of the UK for several years, there is a serious risk that it will poison relations between the different parts of Britain. Why let it?

Far better to recognise that last week's Scottish elections means that there will be a referendum, set a timetable for it now, and hold the vote as soon as is consistent with putting a proper choice to the electorate. That probably means next year.

Then we can either get back to making the United Kingdom work if, as I hope, Independence is voted down, or get on with new arrangements if "Yes" wins.

And let's try to recruit some of the team who ran the "No2AV" campaign for the "No to Independence" one!


Jim said…
Alex Salmond and his SNP party will hold the referendum. If they dont they will be dragged over the coals for it.

But as he knows, and as you and I both know, he wont call it yet, because he needs a better chance of winning it.

Thats why our friend Dave wont call the EU referendum we all want.
And the reason there has never been one on the Euro, the people who would call it know they cant win it.

Now, I dont really care on scottish independance, if they want it let them have it and go it alone, it will save us (the English tax payer) paying for scottish perscriptions and tuition fees. If they vote no, then it will show that despite the flag waving and the football banter some scots know when they have a good deal.

I really dont see the point of a No campain mounted from England though.

Also worth pointing out is this simple fact. Don't be too proud of the "No to AV victory". Was it won because people wanted to keep FPTP? or was it won because people wanted full PR and saw AV as a no choise referendum?? A lot of people voted no because they do not want AV but that does not mean they want FPTP either. others did not turn up as "it doesn't matter" and further others (in there thousands) spoiled the paper.

There is a want for a referndum in scotland on independance, and the scottish people have voted in a government who will give them that vote.

It does not really matter, the referendum must be held one way or the other, Fear of the outcome is no reason not to hold it in the given time, and i am sure Alex Salmon will hold it in the given time, thats the next 5 years.

Are we learning yet Dave??

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