Radioactive Waste consultation - three weeks left

The latest phase of discussion about what we do about the long-term storage of Nuclear Waste, and whether a repository is a better solution than the present arrangements, continues for just over three weeks, until Friday 23rd March.

A series of Community drop-in events have been held around Cumbria, all of which are now complete.

However you can still respond and find out more online at


Jim said…
"whether a repository is a better solution than the present arrangements"

well is this not really a no brainer?

Its currently in a place that was designed for a 25-30 year life, until nirex was complete.

we are now at the 25 year point, so we do need a new answer, VPS whilst its working and wont discontinue to work for the for-seeable future will not last for ever. Another storage now is not an option, its a must.
Chris Whiteside said…
I agree with you, 100% Jim, and I'm fairly certain that the vast majority of West Cumbrian residents do, but sadly an awful lot of people don't.

Which means we need to engage with them in constructive discussion. Preferably in a more open and transparent way than Nirex did a few years ago, leaving a legacy of distrust which still causes problems.

For example, I suspect this is the reason too many people have moved from the reasonable position that some areas of Cumbria may be geologically unsuitable for a repository, a view which deserves respect, to the much less tenable view that the entire county is geologically unsuitable, which is quite unreasonable.

For ex

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