Davy Jones R.I.P.

As a small boy I loved "The Monkees" T.V. show, and I am astonished to learn that their lead singer Davy Jones, a Manchester lad who made it big in the US, has died at the age of 66. He was a wonderful singer but I particularly remember him for his sense of fun his comic ability.

He leaves a widow and four daughters.

Rest in Peace


Anonymous said…
How things Chris ? Hope its doing well for you and your family, i"ve heard youre out of the council now.

You probs heard who i voted for ?
Thats was a waste of time, and heres me thiking you had it in the bag after i turned everyone in your favour!

Give my regards to the Cons club, you never know , i might pop in for one or two, all on you ofcourse.

medals and funny handshakes !


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