Friday, December 21, 2012

Still here !

Well, it is mid-day on the date of perhaps the silliest "end of the world" prediction date of all time and so far we are all still here.

Since as I posted last night "no-one knows the day or hour" nobody can be certain that the world might not yet end today.

But if anyone wants to take me up on the million pound bet I made yesterday that the world will not end today, it is still open!


Jim said...

i did post one earlier, though i am starting to think that comments made from workies dont get through.

That is I will bet you £100 that idiots who made a fortune from selling books about 2012, and the end of the world, simply change the title and release rubbish like "the 2020 enigma"

Chris Whiteside said...

Unfortunately I can't take that bet as it is all too likely that you're absolutely right!

Jim said...

OK fair enough.

Instead will just wish you "Happy New Long Count".

Anonymous said...

You wont be laughing on 15th February 2013 when the world really does end.

Chris Whiteside said...

How much will you bet me that it doesn't?