Take care if you're out and about this week

Do be careful if you are travelling in any part of Britain this week.

After clearing the outside of my car windows and warming it up this morning it took a further five minutes to scrape the ice off the INSIDE of the windscreen.

When it is this cold even pavements and roads which look safe can be treacherous.


Jim said…
you want a nice cover for your windscreen. I have had one i picked up online very cheaply. Its insulated, covers the windscreen and the front side windows, it fits on the doors, so you just close the doors to hold it in place. Also it has pockets for the wing mirrors so they stay clear too.
Takes less than a minute to fit and remove and is much easier than messing at silly o'clock with an old credit card as you can never find the ice scraper.

One of the best things I ever bought
Chris Whiteside said…
Very good point.

But when it's as cold as it has been this week - and apparently Friday will be really cold with lots of snow - we all need to be particularly careful.

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