A beautiful day

Saturday was a very clear day and in Cumbria probably the most beautiful day of 2013 so far.

On Saturday morning I was out "walking the patch" with my colleagues Graham Roberts and Stephen Haraldsen in Bransty ward in Whitehaven. It was so clear that you could not just see  the Isle of Man, as Stephen said you could practically see people moving on the Isle of Man.

In the afternoon my wife and myself had to drive over to Newbiggin near Penrith.

Absolutely gorgeous views of the Downs and the Cumbrian Mountains.

After a rotten week it cheered me up.


Jim said…
It does really cheer you at times doesn't it.

You should see Cumbrian views on a really calm day when you are flying over them. They really are something else. (will offer you the chance to when I have done all hours and tests)

Thing is the very next day (sunday) I did have a lesson (and fought the wind every inch of the way) Got to love Cumbria.

Anonymous said…
If we got rid of all those mountains and lakes and flattened the topography then we would be a more suitable place to be considered for a Nuclear Dump.

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