A big thank you

I spent almost all day yesterday, up to shortly before the close of polls at 10pm, dashing round trying to persuade people to vote.

Then after a quick and very late meal I attended the "verification" of the votes, e.g. checking that the number of papers in the ballot boxes matched the numbers issued.

A very big "Thank You" to all those who turned out in the Egremont North & St Bees division and voted for me.

Shortly we will find out who has won when the actual count, which begins at 10 am, takes place.

This is not going to be a wonderful result for the Conservatives, but given that we are having to make painful decisions in government while cleaning up Labour's mess, this is not surprising. Of course if there were any justice in the world Labour would not hold a single seat in these elections, as insofar as any British party is responsible for the current difficulties it is Labour, who set up the bank regulation system which so signally failed and under whose watch the national debt doubled to £1.2 trillion. But my parents told me a long time ago that life isn't fair.

Having said that, early indications are that the results in several parts of Cumbria may not be as bad for the Conservatives as had been predicted by some people. We shall have to see.


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