Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Care Quality Commission report on WCH

The Care Quality Commission has released a critical report into the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven, known locally as WCH, following an unannounced inspection of the hospital held in May.

The report highlights staffing levels, patient welfare and care and record keeping as areas of concern.

More details on my hospitals blog here.


Jim said...

I don't tend to knock WCH too much, hey they have helped me out more than once.

Thing is with these kinds of issues, and the shear amount of money spent on the NHS, only shows the NHS is in major need of massive reform.
To introduce competition to the NHS would help, I am not suggesting adopting the US system (no one in their right mind would) but there are many other countries that have far better health care than we do, and it costs much less too. Germany and Even France spring to mind.

Chris Whiteside said...

I agree that we ought to learn from how other countries organise their health services.

No wish to bash WCH but there is a good reason why we need to have an effective check on how our hospitals are doing.