Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Action to protect the envoronment


Jim said...

Pay people for recycling like the americans and aussies do. People would actually go around cleaning the beaches and road sides.

I remember many years ago when the first supermarket to introduce the £1 deposit for a trolley was Presto (became Safeway and was located where argos is in whitehaven now) Anyway, The docks had an endless problem with trolleys until that happened. I also used to be in the Sea Cadets, and can tell you if i ever found a trolley i took it back, £1 - ta.

everyone wins. basically instead of letting the councils sell off recycling stuff, let the public deal with those sellers directly.

Chris Whiteside said...

Interesting idea - I think you are on to something there.

Jim said...

Not really. when i was a kid we returned POP bottles to the shop and got 10p each for them, When i was a kid i often returned bottles for people who did not fancy the walk. hey we all returned milk bottles every morning.

its hardly a new ground breaking idea. the only thing is that the payments stopped.

Anonymous said...

Jim, you haven't to look back at how things were done better in the olden days, you've got embrace the brave new world and accept the 'progress' that has been made.

Chris Whiteside said...

Not all old ideas were bad. It is perfectly possible to implement some good new ideas and keep using some good old ideas.

I think you have a point, Jim, that we ought to look again at some of the recycling ideas that worked successfully in the past.