Human rights in China

Yesterday Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab condemned China’s treatment of Uigher people in a statement setting out new measures to prevent UK companies benefiting from forced labour in China’s Xinjiang province in their supply chains.

  • The treatment of Uigher people in internment camps in China is horrific and we know from satellite imagery that the camps have factories inside them and that Uighers are routinely subject to forced labour.
  • These practices have no place in the twenty-first century, and we have been clear that UK companies should not profit from forced labour either directly or in their supply chains. That’s why we have issued new guidance to companies operating in the province, and will review export controls to Xinjiang – the province where thousands of Uighers are detained.
  • These new measures send a clear message that these violations of human rights are unacceptable, and will help safeguard UK businesses and public bodies from any involvement or linkage with them.


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