Wednesday, May 05, 2021

£29.3 million investment to protect against new COVID variants

Today the Health Secretary announced a £29.3 million investment into new state of the art testing facilities to help accelerate the deployment of vaccines tailored to tackle variants of the virus – helping future proof our country against any new variants.

  • The UK has been at the forefront of the global effort in vaccine research and development from the start of the pandemic, and we are continuing to give our scientists the resources and support they need to adapt our future response to Covid-19.
  • That is why we are investing £29.3 million through our Vaccines Taskforce into new testing facilities at Porton Down, to assess the effectiveness of existing and new vaccines against Covid variants, while increasing the scale and pace of specialised testing to support the rapid development of variant vaccines.
  • As our vaccination programme continues to save thousands of lives, by ensuring there is robust support in place for the programme in the future, we can stay one step ahead of the virus and protect the country over the coming months and years. 

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