Limits on mourners at funerals to be removed

Today, it has been announced that the limit on mourners at funerals will be removed as part of Step 3 of the roadmap, to take place from 17 May at the earliest, allowing families and friends to pay their respects to loved ones in greater numbers. 

  • The British people have made huge sacrifices throughout the pandemic to protect the NHS and save lives, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the deeply painful restrictions on the numbers attending funerals.
  • That is why I am pleased to read that the government now considered based on scientific and medical advice that they are in a position, thanks to the continued efforts of the British people and the successful rollout of the vaccine, to remove from 17 May the limit of mourners at funerals, and allow more friends and family to come together and pay their respects.
  • After such a challenging year there is now light at the of the tunnel as Britain continues to move through our roadmap and safely return to spending more time with our loved ones and return to normality.


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