Northern Ireland's centenary

Today marks Northern Ireland’s centenary and 100 years since the formation of the UK as we know it today - an important opportunity to come together to celebrate the good things about Northern Ireland and look at how we can work together for a bright future for everyone in the six counties.

  • This is a very significant national anniversary, marking the 100th year since the Government of Ireland Act came into effect and the formation of the United Kingdom as we know it today.
  • Throughout 2021, in its centenary year, there will be opportunities to showcase all the brilliant things Northern Ireland contributes to the rest of the UK and the world, from its world-class fintech industry and research capabilities, to its inspiring young people, and its vibrant culture of arts and sport.
  • It is also important that we pause to reflect on the complex history of the last 100 years. People from all parts of Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom and across the globe, will approach this anniversary in different ways, with differing perspectives. 
  • While this is a moment of shared reflection, it is also an important opportunity to come together to celebrate Northern Ireland and build a better and even brighter future for all its people. 


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