Quote of the day 9th may 2021

"If you look at the percentage of votes what strikes you is just simply how evenly divided Scotland is.

"Scotland is now divided absolutely down the middle of the constitutional question."

"To give you an idea as to how neither side really at the end of the day can claim that this provides a mandate for their point of view.

  • On the Constituency vote, 50.4% of the vote went to the three unionist parties, 
  • but on the List vote 50.1% of the vote went to the pro-independence parties."

"The reason we have a pro-independence majority in the Scottish parliament is to down to how the electoral system operates.

"But, hey guys, those are the rules and that's the way it has played out."

"The truth is neither unionists nor nationalists can come away from the election in Scotland confident that their point of view represents the majority view."

(Polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice speaking to BBC Breakfast)


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