Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And on a lighter note ...

I had just arrived back from canvassing in Ennerdale Bridge today with the local Conservative councillor. Still transferring leaflets back from his car to mine when his phone rang. He came out of the house with the cordless handset, said "Just a moment, I have someone here who will be able to help you" and handed it to me. I annnounced my name and heard

"Hello, this is the Conservative Party, can we count on your support in the election on Thursday ?"

"Yes, I will be voting for myself." I replied, and explained to the lady from the Conservative national call centre (known as Geneva) that her computer system had dialled a Conservative councillor who had handed the phone to the local Conservative parliamentary candidate.

I doubt if the script on her machine covered that one but it gave us all a good laugh.

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