Monday, May 16, 2005

The grass finally gets it ...

The grass in both my gardens has this in common with Robert Kilroy Silk - all three finally got it after the election.

Winning elections is always more fun than losing them, but one consequence of losing an election is that you get a bit more time to sort your life out. The has been lawnmowing week. I was down in St Albans for a few days, during which time I set the mower to the level with the blades as far as possible off the ground and removed a vast amopunt of vegetation from the lawn. Then I came back to Cumbria, bringing the mower with me, and gave a similar nasty shock to the grass and weeds here.

Now I have a lot of thank you letters to write: if anyone who helped my campaign is reading this, thanks for everything you did and the letter is on its way !

I have received many very kind messages about the 2005 election campaign, all of which were most appreciated. However, it is now time to move on. I cannot make any assumptions at all about whether the party will want me to be a candidate again next time - the new leader will almost certainly review the approved list of candidates and will be quite right to do so - nor about whether the Copeland association (or any other constituency) would want me as their candidate. However, I suspect I will find a campaign to be involved in.

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