Tuesday, September 04, 2007


There seems to be some confusion about the deadline for postal votes for the Harbour Ward by-election.

The documents issued to political parties with the nomination papers for the by-election included a timetable. This referred to the close of applications for postal votes, including amendments to details of existing ones, as being 5pm on Thursday. We duly repeated this information in Conservative literature.

In last week's Whitehaven News the elections manager at Copeland Borough Council is quoted as saying that "If anyone in Harbour ward has difficulty in getting to the poll we can provide a postal vote as long as they contact my office before Thursday September 6 by telephoning 01946 597531."

However, I was told today that there is a deadline of 11 am tomorrow (Wednesday) for applications and that the reference to 5pm on Thursday refers to the date by which the new list of postal votes will be compiled.

I don't think this can be right, and am in the process of checking. However, if anyone reading this is a resident of Harbour ward who wants to apply for a postal vote for the by-election on 20th September, it would probably be a good idea to phone Whitehaven 597531 before 11 am on 5th September so that there is no doubt about whether you applied in time.

POSTSCRIPT - The elections office has now confirmed that they will honour the postal vote application deadline in the original notice of poll, which is 5pm on Thursday 6th September. However, anyone who needs a postal vote and does not yet have one would be well advised to apply as soon as possible

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