Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feedback from Norwich North

Graham Roberts and myself paid a visit to Norwich North this evening to campaign for the excellent Conservative candidate in the by-election there, Chloe Smith.

I stood for public office for the first time in Norwich North many years ago as a student (the former Mousehold division in the 1985 County elections) and am well aware that it is very much a seat of two halves. The southern part of the constituency consists of several Norwich City wards where Labour tends to be very strong. The northern part of the constituency consists of Broadland council wards where the Conservatives tend to predominate.

Graham and myself were campaigning in one of the more Conservative areas, so it is not particularly surprising that we saw lots of evidence of support for Chloe - indeed, if the area we were campaigning were typical, Labour would be in serious danger of coming third behind the Conservatives and Lib/Dems (in that order).

It is obvious that Chloe is fighting an excellent and well-organised campaign and is getting a lot of support: I wish her all the best.


veritas said...


Chris4gravy train more like

Chris Whiteside said...

Cheap and pathetic. Perhaps instead of using the latin for truth as a posting handle you should call yourself Mendacium.

Neither Graham nor I were paid to go to Norwich - though if you'd bothered to read the post you'd have noted that I do have a personal connection with the city. We went, at our own expense, to campaign for Chloe Smith because we believe it is in the best interests of the country that the Conservatives win.

Anonymous said...

Norwich deserves better then this, she turned up at the Taverham Brass on Saturday, walked around for a bit so everyone could see her and left early. Tory is actualy Galic for robber and if people out there are daft enough come next year we will once again be be governed by these cheats and liars.

Chris Whiteside said...

A great many political handles - of which "tory" is one - come from childish insults flung by political opponents which were then adopted by the people so insulted as a badge of honour. Some Conservatives dislike the description "tory" for this reason, and some socialists and liberals think they somehow score a point by using it.

Personally I think there are far more important points to get excited about than names, such as the factg that the present government is building up a mountain of debt that is in danger of bankrupting the country. I am no more bothered by the silly insults which "whigs" (a similar form of abuse at the time) threw at tories three hundred years ago than I am by the equally silly insults posted anonymously on blogs and aimed at 21st century conservatives. Unlike "Anonymous" the whigs had the guts to put their names to their insults.