Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yellow Submarine and the "David Icke Defence"

One of the best political posts for a long time, and one that shows that some bloggers both have a sense of humour and are prepared to take the mickey out of their own side, was posted this morning on a Political Betting thread about David Cameron by Lib/Dem blogger "Yellow Submarine."

Labour, and to a lesser extent the Lib/Dems, have very much the same problem responding to David Cameron which we did in dealing with Tony Blair when he was leader of the opposition. Remember the totally unsuccessful "New Labour, New Danger" campaign? (Though the badges with flashing eyes were quite funny.)

Neither of the other main parties can get their heads round the fact that Cameron is a Tory leader who comes over to a large chunk of the electorate as a paid up member of the human race and has the brains to avoid most of their elephant traps.

Yellow Submarine, in a post dripping with irony, ridicules the approach which some politicians are trying to take to DC. He's talking about his own party, but if you add a pack of similar nonsense along the lines of "The tories want to close down West Cumberland Hospital and shut the nuclear industry" (which is of course totally untrue), Yellow Submarine's post could also have been a parody of the way the Labour MP for Copeland talks about Conservatives - and I cite his comments on the front page of today's Whitehaven News attempting to justify his behaviour towards me last week as an example.

Anyway, here is an extract from Yellow Submarine's post at position 9 on this morning's Political Betting thread.

Being political illuminati the Liberal Democrats can see, even if the general population can’t, that Cameron is a child sacrificing, devil worshiping, poor/refugee/gay/public sector hating shape shifting lizard.

Their historic mission to warn the populus that David Cameron may appear mamalian however his true reptilian form will be revealed soon. The Lib Dems are happy to bear the abuse and the public scorn because its what we do but that mask will slip soon….

We keep on because cameron hasn’t been “scrutinised” yet - as if over 3 years at the apex of a 24 hour news culture wouldn’t kill most mortals. Of course the Conservatives have no policies. By which we mean we don’t like the ones he has. However we were never going to vote Conservative anyone.

But my favourite is that he is a shallow ad man. Because companies spend billions on ads ever year out of charity. othing to do with them working.

And of course no sane politican could ever, ever have thought that the Conservative brand was a problem and priority in 2005 !

Finally their is no “enthusiasm” for the Conservatives. They aren’t doing as well in the polls as New Labour in 95 to 97. Methodologies haven’t changed and its all the same polling companies still in operation so the read back is valid.

Any minute now the public will see what we see. Cameron will be forced to assume his true cold blooded form on live TV. One theory I can reveal now, for the first time, decoded by a sage from sussex in ancient Hebrew Parish Council By Election results found with the Dead Sea Scrolls and surpressed by the Vatican is this.

When Cameron, or Azzreal to give him his true name, manifests he will eat his interview Jermamy Paxman live on a TV and a near by Child for pudding.

Those polls will be back in hung Parliament territory before you know it.


Wes said...

you ! Have been found out that you have links to the FACIST BNP in Copeland and as such will be treated the same way.

Its time to pay the PIPER you bunch of FACISTS, why do you think you got controll of Copeland ? With the help of the BNP.

Chris Whiteside said...

I have no links to the BNP in Copeland or anywhere else.

Can I suggest you seek psychiatric help, Wes.

Copeland Patriot said...

Wes, there is nothing wrong with trying to defend this fine borough for the horrors of immigration

Three cheers for Chris WHITEside for his endeavours to keep WHITEhaven WHITE

Chris Whiteside said...

Since Kate Garroway has just had their baby, hasn't Derek Draper got anything better to do than post this kind of rubbish?

Truth Hurts said...

As if Draper's after you, you backwater no-hope

Chris Whiteside said...

Insulting me is water off a duck's back - apart from libellous or obscene posts, I usually leave opposing views up because the clever ones add to debate and the stupid or childish posts like yours reflect badly on the left for posting them.

But you might like to think about whether it is clever to insult someone's constituency. I'm sure the electors of Copeland will be less than impressed to know that your side think it is a "backwater"