Monday, January 04, 2010

Conservatives will cut the deficit, not the NHS

David Cameron launched the Conservative election campaign today with a strong re-statement of the Conservative commitment to protect and improve the National Health Service.

"The NHS was my first priority when I became leader and it remains my top priority," he said.

Policies launched today included

* A Health Premium to target more resources on the poorest communities, and reverse
the increase in Health inequalities under Labour.
(The gaps between rich and poor for life expectancy and infant mortality rates
have widened under Labour and are as big as in Victorian times.)

* New maternity networks, that will link up local hospitals, doctors, charities,
voluntary groups and maternity consultants to share information, expertise and

* Continued emphasis on preventative medicine, using public health funds to stop
people from getting ill in the first place

The Conservatives will ring-fence the NHS budget. Everyone knows that painful measures will be needed to put the public finances back onto anything resembling an even keel, but under a Conservative government the NHS budget will be protected in real terms.

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