May: Putting policing at the heart of the community

Home Secretary Theresa May writes:

"Today we unveiled radical new reforms to put the public back at the heart of our drive to cut crime, and give people more influence over their local communities.

For the first time you will have a real say in how your local area is policed through directly elected Police and Crime Commissioners. From May 2012 these Commissioners will replace faceless police authorities and they will set goals and priorities for their police forces according to the wishes of the public who elect them.

On top of this, we are strengthening the powers that police and councils have to tackle crime and, in particular, alcohol-related, disorder.

We are putting in place these changes because, for too long, the fight against crime has been tangled up in a web of centrally imposed red tape, driving a wedge between the police and their local communities.

Under Labour the police were behind desks, not out on the streets; they were chasing targets, not fighting crime. As the former chair of the Police Federation said, because of 'Government diktats, the service has been reduced to a bureaucratic, target-chasing, points-obsessed arm of Whitehall'.

Instead, our reforms will help make the police more visible, available, and accountable - putting the public back at the heart of policing.

If you're interested in finding out more please click here, and you can tell your friends and family about our reforms."


Theresa May
Home Secretary


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