Some attacks say more about the attacker ....

And some criticisms say far more about the person making the criticism than they do about the subject. Such as the tweet today by Ed Miliband’s chief media spokesperson, Kate Myler - which, Mr Miliband's office was quick to point out, was "made in Kate Myler’s personal capacity."

I'm disappointed that England is not to host the 2018 world cup, but it's one of those things - there are far more countries wanting to host such events than they can possibly go to.

I'm quite sure that if David Cameron had refused to lift a finger to back the bid, the Labour party would have been the first to attack him for it.

So what are we to make of Kate Myler's tweet, some time before the final decision, that the Prime Minister was “pimping himself out in Zurich..”

I don't recall that over the last 13 years the Labour party described ministers in their government who tried to being business or international events such as the 2012 Olympics to Britain in those terms.

As a matter of fact the Conservative opposition didn't describe ministers who were trying to bring major events to Britain in those terms either, and I should think not, too.

As Mike Smithson put it at Political Betting here,

"To describe Cameron’s role in these terms says a lot about the state of mind within Ed Miliband’s inner circle. It looks as though they are completely psyched by the Tory leader."

David Cameron has always been what Wellington called a "lucky general" and his luck continues: he has been especially lucky in his Labour opponents.


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