Clocks go back tonight

I dare say most people reading this in Britain will not need to be reminded, but just in case anyone does: British Summer Ttime ends at 2.00 am in the early hours of tomorrow morning (28th October) and the clocks go back an hour. So everyone gets an extra hour in bed.


Jim said…
"So everyone gets an extra hour in bed."

Not quite true. I worked 12 hour shifts for 10 years (8 in the RAF, and 2 with my current employer) Always seemed to be on the wrong cycle too. I don't remember ever not being on night shift when the clocks went back. I always got an extra (i guess unpaid) hour at work.

I dont remember ever having a "short shift" in spring either, was always on days, or days off.

Many people (police, nurses, process, fire fighters etc)are shift workers (many were on the "graveyard" shift last saturday) They all had a delightful 13 hour night shift :o)

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