PCC elections - just over five weeks to go

A break from the conference reports, although on an issue which has been discussed a lot at this year's Conservative conference - the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections on 15th November. Thirty-six days and twelve hours from now.

This election will replace the existing police authorities, which are partly appointed and partly indirectly elected, with a directly elected Police and Crime Commissioner.

The job of the new Police and Crime Commissioners will be to strengthen communication between the police and the public, set policing priorities and hold the Chief Constable to account, though all operational matters and day-to-day control of policing will remain with uniformed professionals.

The Conservative candidate to be the first PCC for Cumbria in these elections will be Richard Rhodes who lives in the county, is currently head of the probation trust, and was a magistrate for 33 years, most recently in Barrow.

Nominations opened yesterday for these elections and close next week.

If you want to take part in these elections but may have difficulty getting to the polling station on 15th November and do not yet have a postal vote, you have a few days to apply for one via your local district council's electoral registration officer.

There will be a lot more information about this over the next five weeks both here and elsewhere but I can particularly recommend:





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