Saturday, July 06, 2013

End the Strasbourg Shuttle

I supported my first Euro MP, Derek Prag, when he attempted to end the "Strasbourg Shuttle" many years ago.

Last year I supported Saj Karim, one of the Conservative MEPs for the North West of England, Ashley Fox MEP, and other Conservative members of the European Parliament when they launched an e-petition calling on the government to lobby for an end to this ridiculous waste of taxpayers' money.

I still support it. As Saj wrote last year,

"Where else in the world would you see a Parliament re-locate to identical facilities 250 miles away for 48 days a year and leave the same huge building complex empty for the remaining 317 days."

It is absolutely ridiculous to have thousands of people move 250 miles from Brussels to France for the monthly plenary sessions held in Strasbourg. There is an identical chamber in Brussels where these sessions could take place.

The cost to taxpayesr of moving MEPS, their staffs, documents and equipment from Brussels to Strasbourg and back eleven times a year is estimated at 200 million euros.

This is the sort of egregious waste which brings the EU into disrepute and we must keep up the campaign to stop the "Strasbourg Shuttle."

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