Tuesday, August 27, 2013

130,000 not out

At about 8am BST this morning this blog had it's 130,000th pageview since the traffic count started in May 2007.

Thanks to all those who have visited and read the blog in that time.


Jim said...

Normally I let typo's go, I know I make enough of them but that did amuse me.

"at about 8pm this morning this blog had....." :o)

Chris Whiteside said...

Thanks for pointing it out. Will correct.

Funny how often that kind of slip is mentally invisible to the person who makes it - I had to reread the post and your comment about four times before I spotted what you were getting at, and I probably would not have picked it up that rapidly had you not put the conflict in bold.

Jim said...

It is quite odd that. I have always put it down to dyslexia that i often really can not see it, but glad to see non dyslexics suffer this too.

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