Saturday, August 24, 2013

DC wins German and Dutch support for reform of EU

In a huge step forward for those who want to see reform of the European Union, the German chancellor Angela Merkal said this week that she would be happy to discuss creating a looser Europe some time after her country’s September elections.

"We don't have to do everything in Brussels," she said.

This follows on from the publication in June by the Dutch government of a list of things that the European Union should and should not be involved in – proving that the UK is not the only country interested in rolling back power from Brussels.

As the Daily Telegraph put it in an article which you can read in full here,

"The British and German governments agree about the need to trim EU bureaucracy and cut expenses, as well as strengthen the ability of our parliaments to block EU plans. Tory Eurosceptics want to see, in addition, repatriation of powers over areas such as social and employment law, crime and policing. Nevertheless, they should be cautiously pleased to discover that their cause finds a friend in the leader of the eurozone’s most successful economy. The campaign for a reformed EU is gaining momentum."

The Daily Mail wrote a similar piece, called "A German ally in the war against Brussels."
Not sure I like the language on that one but I agree with the analysis.

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