Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A wonderful romantic coincidence

Today is my wedding anniversary. Fourteen years ago today, at our wedding reception, I sang my new wife Brigid the song "Where'er you walk" from Handel's opera "Semele."

By an amazing coincidence, when Brigid switched on the TV this evening, she happened to notice that one of the channels was broadcasting an Opera, and asked me what it was. After a few seconds I realised that it was in fact Semele - and a few minutes later we were able to listen to "Where'er you walk."

I don't know how many thousands to one the odds against that were, but we both enjoyed the song and it was a lovely reminder of our special day.


Jim said...

coincidences like that happen more often than we think. Thing is though you will remember it this time because of the circumstances.

You know when you think about someone you have not seen in a long time, then they phone you. that type of thing, of course we remember that occurance but we tend to forget the times we think of someone and they didnt ring.

OT paragraph - On the way to work yesterday there was a group on the radio campaigning for the North to have its own parliamentary assembly, a bit like the welsh assy, and scottish parliament. I could not believe what i was hearing. I thought a town council in whitehaven was a really bad idea, but this is just yet another level of politicans.

Chris Whiteside said...

Not suggesting any explanation other than a fortunate unlikely chance.

I'm not a big fan of the idea of a Town Council for Whitehaven either, and I would be dead against a regional assembly for the North.