Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Green totalitarianism

Let me make quite clear than in my opinion the balance of evidence supports the view that human activity is contributing to climate change and that preponderance of evidence is more than enough to justify restricting carbon emissions and those of other greenhouse gases.

That does not stop me being horrified at the suggestion from the Green party that those who don't share this view should be barred from all senior government positions including those not directly affecting the environment.

The earth's ecosystem is far more complex than any of us, from the best informed scientist to the most ignorant person, fully understand.

We need to monitor and debate what is happening to it with open minds, and sacking anyone who doesn't conform to the prevailing view is not the best way to do that.


Jim said...

Very dangerous thinking from the green party. It reminds me a lot of the Fuhrer saying what music and art you are allowed to like.

On any subject anywhere to attempt to prevent the opposition from stating their case, only weakens your own.

If you have an arguement that is very strong, then the thought of an apposing idea wont bother you, you can win the debate fairly without the need for gag orders.

its like a football team demanding that no other football team turns up to their ground, so they win every match by default.

Chris Whiteside said...

Agree absolutely. And for that reason it isn't always the people with the strongest arguments who try to ban the views of their opponents.

Jim said...

Sorry I did mention Hitler above and there are a few things about him that i find Intriguing.

Like i say you had no choice, as a german citizen to obey, and he did even pass laws on art and music.

Hitler was a very strict vegitarian, but nothing was ever passed on that, nothing was ever said, i never did understand why after passing laws on everything else.

Hitler was also a very anti smoking man, but opposed all bans on smoking in german places, he even allowed his senior generals to smoke in his office, even though he hated it.

Strange actions from i guess a very strange deluded man, but you must admit its quite intriguing to get into his mindset.

Jim said...

I think, but this is only my opinion, that pushing the veggie and anti smoking bit, would have just been that bit too far with his own officers, Pretty much the straw that broke the donkeys back so to speak.

what do you chris, or any one else reading this think? let me know, oh go on, its not hard to do

Chris Whiteside said...

As you rightly say, he was a strange and deluded man. I don't think I will ever understand his mindset.

Chris Whiteside said...

The "last straw" theory you suggest is probably as close to the truth as any guess we can make is going to get.