Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Of lion kings and pranksters

Most peculiar experience on my way into conference - was addressed  by a gentleman in traditional African garb who asked to speak to me about aid to an area of Africa whose name I didn't think I had quite heard correctly.

It turned out to be "Mamounda" (sic.)

Meanwhile a cameraman was filming us.

He mentioned that his father had been murdered by his uncle and I instinctively said something along the lines of "I'm sorry to hear that" then did a mental double take when I processed that he'd said the uncle was called "Scar."

Thought "I can't have heard this correctly" and asked if he had any literature.

Was handed a leaflet in which the chap gave his name as "Simba" and his father and uncle's names as "Mufassa" and "Scar."

He claims to be the rightful king of "Namounda."

Yes, he either thinks he's the central character of "The Lion King" or, more likely, was a prankster winding me up.

Had a careful look to see if he could possibly be Sasha Baron Cohen but there wasn't much resemblance.

Asked "Is this some kind of joke?" and extricated myself as quickly as I could.

Well. that was different ...

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